Eat Sleep Bike Repeat

altAmVysn8TgysYDbVeViPv7dcxZQScnrmfzsdUQyo3LSPm_Fotor The train came to a halt and I suddenly woke up, confused, with my bike in front of me and another person sleeping on the seat next to mine. I looked out of the window and saw that we had just approached Utrecht Centraal Station and it was exactly 4:45am. I had left Rotterdam Centraal at 3:02am and could not believe that the train took so long to take me back home. I then discovered it went all the way back to Delft, The Hague and Amsterdam, basically bringing me around western holland and picking up other passengers heading back home after their saturday night out. Technically it would take around an hour to get to Utrecht from Rotterdam, but the train did a very long tour and it took us almost two hours. Apparently, the train stopped a while as someone had committed suicide on the tracks, but I was fast asleep and realised nothing. But the trip would not have been so exhausting (in a positive way if it makes sense at all) if I hadn’t been biking on this flat country since 10am that morning. In fact, together with a group of 6 friends from my university course, I went on what we all described “a mighty expedition to The Hague” by bike. The exact distance was 72km but we did a little extra as we added a detour to Gouda, the city of cheese, and a small final trip from Den Haag centrum to the beach. So I would say that in total we rode almost 90km. And the bike trip back home from Utrecht Centraal at 4:45am was the cherry on top. WP_20140920_005_Fotor_Fotor_Collage It all started a few weeks ago when my Canadian friend Evan and I came up with the initiative of biking to some place in Holland and as none of us had been to The Hague yet, we thought it would have been a nice idea to set this city as our destination. We managed to rally a group of 5 other people (making it 7 in total, hard maths) and we all met on Saturday morning at the Dome square in Utrecht to kick off our journey. Screen Shot 2014-09-21 at 18.38.13 I would definitely say that the first 30km were the best part of the trip, as we crossed very nice landscapes and picturesque towns. The places we biked by somehow reminded me of northern Italy: flat, very neat and tidy and covered with the morning mist which was slowly fading away. WP_20140920_016_Fotor We stopped at a pancake house 30km after Utrecht where we had a cup of coffee and some fries (because having Pancakes would have been too mainstream) and then headed to Gouda, the town where one of The Netherlands’ biggest food exports come from: the delicious cheese. After that we headed down to The Hague and I have to admit that apart from some beautiful imposing wind turbines on the way (21st century version of Ducth windmills I’d say), the rest of the landscape was quite monotonous and boring. Nevertheless, we all enjoyed the whole trip and safely and happily made it to our destination! hshBut because I live with the constant drive to do whatever I can possibly do in one day, I decided to take a train at 10pm and head to Rotterdam, where my friend Hugo invited me for drinks together with two friends of his from high school. After being kicked out of the train by a Dutch ticket controller because I had not bought the €6 bike supplement (hence had to wait extra 30 minutes at Delft’s train station till the next train), I finally made it to Rotterdam at 22.45. WP_20140920_102_Fotor Spending the night out in Rotterdam slightly reminded me of London: the lights of a modern city, the crowded pubs and clubs and the big city vibes. It was a very good feeling! After three weeks in Utrecht, I needed some big city night out. We went to two bars and two clubs and eventually left the city at 3 in the morning. The expression “seize the day” could not be more appropriate.

Last selfie by the beach in Den Haag. WE MADE IT!
Last selfie by the beach in Den Haag. WE MADE IT!

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