Fourth Home: Denmark

Leaving Utrecht and The Netherlands was hard, knowing that I will not be living there again in the near future. When I left London back in June I knew I’d be back one and a half years later to finish my bachelor, and when I left Rome in September 2012, the idea of not going back […]

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Tillbaka i Sverige

The title of this post means “Back in Sweden”. When I left Stockholm in late June 2014, after living there for a month, I had told myself that I’d be back in the city soon. I had  no clue when, how, or for what exact reason it would happen, but I was convinced that for […]

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Polskiego Weekendu

Last Thursday I stepped on Eastern European land for the first time. The dense fog and freezing cold humidity which could penetrate through even the most winter resistant jackets greeted me as soon as I landed in Krakow’s airport. The air somehow smelled different from The Netherlands (as weird as it may sound) and all […]

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The Art of (cheap) Travel

By the end of this year I will have visited 11 countries since January. Started off the year with Sweden and Denmark, and after a few summer trips to Norway, Iceland and Italy, I have moved to the Netherlands in the fall. This small country in northern Europe gives you access to its neighbours, therefore […]

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Holland 2.0

There are some places you would not expect to see in a country like Holland. Skyscrapers and modern buildings are probably what visitors would expect to see the least. Just a bunch of endless canals, with pretty bridges that romantically lit up at night and bicycles everywhere. But there are a few places in this […]

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