Any Road, Anyhow

I first met Line just over a year ago when we were both volunteering for a cafe at a music festival in Aarhus. While I steamed milk, she prepared the espresso shots. This is how we usually introduce each other when we meet someone new. Over our first lunch break, she told me all about […]

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London’s No Longer Calling

Back in December 2013, my parents were on one of their many trips to London and had decided to spend their winter holidays in the UK. On one of the days before Christmas, when the streets of London are filled with panicked souls desperately looking for last-minute presents, my mother brought us to a high-end design store […]

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Cabin Porn

In late November, I was on the Bus 205 after finishing a nine-hour shift at Starbucks and was heading to the Mac repair store to see, once again, if my laptop had been fixed. I was in the midst of essay deadlines, late night shifts at work and the typical rush which makes up each […]

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From Bangkok to London

I am having a “Scandinavian Brunch” in a small, cozy cafe in cloudy Shoreditch, one of my favourite areas of London (yes, same old me). Having liver paté on rye bread and salmon on toast reminded me of the good six months I spent living in Denmark. The last weeks were packed with events, holidays, […]

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Black is the new Orange

While the Dutch were busy celebrating King’s Day on April 27th, the biggest holiday of the year, partying on boats through the many canals and dressed exclusively in Orange, in Denmark things were different. If you keep reading, you will get the title pun. It is late spring and it may not be festival season yet. Summery sunny days […]

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A Greek Escape

When walking down the streets of Athens I was often confused on whether I was back in Italy or not, but store signs written in an alphabet made up of math signs and triangles reminded me I was just across the Adriatic sea. For the first time in my life, I visited Greece. Despite it topping the […]

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Happy People? Pretty Much

The Danes are probably tired of foreigners referring to them as the happiest people in the world. Actually, not everyone in this country is aware that they are known for this abroad. But it is true, they have topped the lists in world happiness reports, starting from a 2013 survey by the University of Leicester (UK). Factors such as quality […]

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